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35- The elected committee will take charge responsibility of the cooperative affairs,36- " " " " distribute responsibilities among its elected members, and all decisions will taking by the majority of 51%,37- After electing the committee members, those will attempt to a first meeting to organize the small effective committees, which will help controlling the work and achievement of the cooperative needs.

This Catalog page allows me to add titles and descriptions next to a catalog of photos. As seen in the e

38- The small committees are:

39- The: Agriculture- purchase- sales- social affairs-youth- family- cultural- general relations- supervising-

40- The members of these small committees could be organized from both board of directors and board members, to make all affairs succeeded

41- The board of committees could assign any employees or directors, depending on the jobs and affairs needs

42- Preparing the annual statement from accountant and treasury, than it will be arise for final decision of the members board

43- The committee will prepare the annual plan and affairs, than it will be arise for final decision of the members board

44- The committee will prepare the next annual plan and affairs, than it will be arise for final decision of the members board

45- The board of directors will accept and negotiate all applications and will decide finally

46- Could be any co-operation between the farmers from the village or the suburb

47- Search for loans, donations and sponsorship for the cooperative

48- Helping the farmers in moderating their agriculture system, specially the financial and plantation ways.

49- All other non translated rules are publicly well known through the associations, organizations and clubs.

50- The activities and affairs of every member

51- The rule which should be played and achieved by the board of directors, the small committees, the members.

52- If at the end, the cooperative will arrest its activities finally, all properties and belongs will be installed under the supervision and responsibility of Hadeth Church- St. Simon Committee.

2- Correspondence to The welfare agric. associations local and abroad. To support the financial and moral needs of the farmers. To whom it may concern The youth living in hadeth, and specially, those who remain few of them, to care about home, family, land and existence, in their village hadeth-el-joubbeh And responding to appeals launched by the municipality president Mr. Nawfal Slayman Chedrawy, the well known this decade, the Godfather of Hadeth, and the blessing and support of Rev.P. Habib Saab, encouraging the youth to return their interest and attention to the lands inherited from the grand fathers, Responding to this noble appeal, few of hadeth youth representing tens of the families, started an agriculture compound at the: Mrouj- Jib Haoon- Al-Bahsa- Mrouj Al-Tihtani- Hirzmanet al-Mrouj- Baaliet Sawda- Ain Chatine- Al-Mrayjet- Al- nbouu- Al-Fkhit- planting thousands of apple trees of American type over 6000 trees of the 106-111 red chief. First studies with the beginning of the new plantation, will cross in 2 years the 200000m2 Thanks and appreciations to Agric Eng. Lotf Karam Karam for offering free agriculture assistance and consultation. In the coming 3 years, the feeding satisfaction will cover the needs of 400 persons from the planted lands resources, which is compared to 40% of financial benefits. The financial result of the apple plantations done during period will satisfy beneficially over 800 persons in the coming 4 years, which is compared to 100% of the families needs to cover their living expenses. To achieve all the above wishes and needs, we will face the water resources Satisfaction for the farmers. And these needs should be covered before 2008 spring, for the below reasons: The enthusiasm of the youth, who started agriculture their lands, crossed the expected admittance. 25 Youth of new agriculture generations are busy in their new jobs in the lands. The approximate distance planted is 160000m2 The gross of vegetable plantations estimated 45000m2 The gross of fruits plantations estimated 145000m2 The fruits planted is from 90% majority of apple The big problem facing the farmers is the oldness of the water installation, assuring the leakages of 40% of the water in the ground. Without dominating more water resources, for the tens of farmers, will create a very big problem in the future. Without searching for a new water installation in next year, the water fountain existing today will not cover the needs for the farmers. The annual increase of new farmers, will addition the crisis for water. Without dominating more water for plantation, will result loses of more encouraged and enthusiasms of more youth to plant their lands. After many contacts, the situation became as below:

The two coloured photos are for lands already planted with apple trees at George and Joseph Antoun Chedrawy territories

1- The in ground water was found at the land of one of our new farmers Mr. George Antoun Chedrawy, needed financial expenses to be digger to off land.

2- The municipality president Sheikh Nawfal Slayman Chedrawy donated the total expenses neither for this project, who never hesitated neither today nor in the past in solving such situations.

3- The total cost for dogging the water with all equipment will cost 12000$, which is covered by the municipality president Sheikh Nawfal Slayman Chedrawy.

4- The Farmers , to complete the satisfaction needs of water recourses for their lands, and for those who will participate to our cooperative in the future, will need to build a huge cement tank, which will cost depending on the civil architect engineer, around 17007$, with today prices.

5- The pipes and tools needed for water installations to all farmers lands will cost around 4500$.

6- A new establishing committee for the cooperative is organized from:

- Agric.Eng. Lotf Karam Karam

- Mr. George Antoun Chedrawy

- Mr. Elias Doumit Ghossayn

- Mr. Tony Daniel Elia

7- The members of the cooperative are( Names from website)

1- Logo : coop-agriculture St. SimonT:009613712721- 009613376719- Hadeth-El-Joubbeh F: 009616977441- 009616978124-- Cert. of incorporation No: e-mail: Website:,4t,com

We launch the appeal to all foundations, ministries, welfare associations, embassies, consulates. Agric. Aids. Or individuals, who would like to donate or sponsored the achievement of above needs, they can follow the instructions and rules appearing through the website.


F.F. The cooperative

Agriculture Engineer

                                                         Lotf Karam Karam

دراسة عن منطقة المروج- جب حاوون – البحصة الزراعية

From Cooperative agriculture from hadeth-El-Joubeh

Dear Sirs,We would like to inform you that our Agriculture Union received its Certificate of Incorporation Registration Numbered: 255-T3  As well , you can visit our website in an easiest way through:The website of hadeth-El-Joubbeh www.hadeth.comWith the appreciations to Professor Elias George Saab, who contribute the advertising of the Agriculture cooperative Union of hadeth through that page.Your visit to our Website will please us, as well, we shall be very happy to receive your comment and opinions Thanks for your co-operation, have our regardsAgri.Eng. lotf Karam KaramGeorge Antoun Chedrawy

Above big photo is for one of the oldest citizens farmers from Hadeth-El-Joubbeh who is still caring about agriculture in the village Mr. Hanna George (Jirjis) Darwish Salame

Dear Sirs,

You can see a lot of beautifull photos taking from many different places from our agriculture sectors in Hadeth-El-Joubbeh

Lovely beautifull and more photos could be persuated inside our website