Another special page for the water hall which was newly opened and digged by the Agriculture Union of hadeth-El-Joubbeh 2008

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In this page, we show the photos forcertain agriculture laborers, while the first drop of water out of the ground appearing, with the blessing of Saint Simon and the Saint Lady of agriculture.

The digging of water from the ground achieved as below details:

1- The decision was taking between the commettee represented by the president Eng. Lotf Karam

    and the propriotor of the landscape Mr. George Antoun Chedrawy, which came to a final positive agrrement which will be announced in the comin pages attached. Sheichk Nawfal Slayman Chedrawy sponsored thewater digging expenses

2-The water hall was also falling under the agreement of the both above gentlemen.The hall was openned for 55 metrs, while the first water appeared at the level and attitude of 36 meters.

3-A cement tank was builded with a sise of lenght 10m.-width 7 m.- height 2 m., with a capacity of 140000 liters, in the beginning, while will be three times bigger in the coming period. Also, was under agreement with the both above gentlemen, and the two deputies of the Becharre province Mrs.Setrida Samir Geagea and Mr. Elie Kairouz donated for the first payment of 6000US$, for the cement water tank reserve and certain other followed expenses.

Above photo, the first appearing water digged from the ground, while from left Chief Tony Roumanos Salame and Youssef Slyaman Chedrawy watching

Above appearing the first drop of water which was digged uder the ground, with the blessing of Saint Simon and Holly Saint Lady of Agriculture

Sample Photo 2

In the photo, vice president of the commettee Mr. George ntoun CHedrawy, directing to the pure water falling inside the water cement tank

Sample Photo 3

The first ever vegetables product giving by the ground after tens of years of paralised agriculture in Hadeth, we can see the Beans and the cocomber and the MIiti, as gift from the Lord to us, in compensation to our work

Sample Photo 4

Youssef Slayman Chedrawy suppervising the out coming of the water, by the interial pipes, newly installed.

Sample Photo 5

Mr. Tony Ibrahim Chedrawy celebrating on his usual way, distributing whisky for the members, after the appearance of the water.

Sample Photo 6

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Sample Photo 7

Happiness and joy appearing on their faces, from left Mr. Elias Doumit Ghossayn, next president Eng. Lotf Karam Karam, next Youssef Slayman Al-Ghazal Chedrawy, with the new coming water

Sample Photo 8

In the above photo: from Left:Youssef Slayman Chedrawy trying to joint the pipes which will be sent into ground, supported by the president Eng. Lotf Karam Karam, watched standby Mr.Elias Doumit Ghossayn, to give any needed assistance

Sample Photo 9

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Sample Photo 10

Youssef Slayman Chedrawy trying to liberate and free the tighting of the electrical wires with the rops.

Sample Photo 11

From Left Tony Roumanos Salame, Al-Hajj Daniel Wadih Ghossan, Tony Ibrahim Chedrawy, Youssef Slayman Ghazal Chedrawy, and Mhannad, who indicated with Marcel Youssef Mrad, the place of the water

Sample Photo 12

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Sample Photo 13

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