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This page contains some nice and beautiful photos from the lands of our agriculture including correspondances

I under signed, George Antoun Chedrawy, from hadeth-El-Joubbeh, identity reg. Num.44- and owner of landscape No: 3446, which contains the applied dogged water, declared below:

1- After consultation with the new cooperative of Hadeth committee, which I am a member in it, to discuss the problems and needs of the new farmers, declared our new mission, is to search and find the financial resources to cover the expenses of the needs of the farmers.

2- After declaring the most important land to dog the water, which will cover the 85% of the farmers needs in the new planted areas, at the landscape No: 3446

3- This land is fully registered 2400 arrow in the name of Mr. George Antoun Chedrawy, could facilate officiating the applications to any organization, I reserved a piece of land with length: 55m- width: 15m, to build the cement tank, for the benefit of the farmers.

4- An official agreement will be signed between the owner and the municipality, to keep the rights of all concerned in this project.

5- I the proprietor of the piece of land donated, and the farmers, assigned The municipality president sheikh Nawfal Chedrawy, to the judge of any conflict or mis understanding which will occurred between us, and accept without any hesitation, all his decisions. This will be in the benefit of all concerned.

Proprietor of the landscape

George Antoun Chedrawy

Sample Photo 1

Brief Description

A brief studies about the agriculture land surrounding the mountain of St. Simon

1- Located at 1800 m above sea- and lower place 1650m

2- 7to 8 minutes away of the Hadeth-El-Joubbeh village, and 2to 3 minutes from the main road of Hadeth-Tannourine

3- Considered, depending on specialists studies, as one of the best territories for cultivation and tourism

4- Her soils are considered the best nitrification for plantation

5- Her essential water resource is actually from fountain Al-Mrouj, which is linked to the planted lands with old water pipes net.

6- The shares of the farmers in the water distribution list, which was adopted by the late grandfathers, are by hours every 27 days.

7- The under ground of this area, is considered one of the most important pure water reserve in the North.

8- The planted territories which will be fulfilling from this new project, if we will succeed completing it are:

- Dahr Al- Ijass- Al- Mrouj- Al-Bahsa- Al-Mrouj Al-Tihtani- Hirzmanet Al-Mrouj- Jib Haoon- Haqlet Issa- up to the suburb lands to Ain warde- and Al- Baalieh- and Al- mrayjat.

N/B: All other details appeared in the application of the appeal, are mentioned through the website, with every farmer page.


Sample Photo 2

Brief Description

Sample Photo 3

Brief Description

Sample Photo 4

A tractor is cultivating a part of our lands

Sample Photo 5

In the forawrd cultivated land. is for Mr. George Antoun Chedrawy. the top of his garden

Forward is the area of Al-Bahsa one of the best quality of soil in the region, not cultivated yet.

Sample Photo 6

In the photo

1- The green planted lands are Mr. Youssef Al-Ghazal Chedrawy

2- Right wild cultivated lands are for Mr. George Antoun Chedrawy

3- Deep Left are the lands of George Hanna Darwish Salameh and Toufic Daniel Elia 


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