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This page is specially created to show the photos of the Saint Simon cooperative union in their first meeting with the Late Minister George N. Freim agriculture foundation represented by Engineer Miss Windala Kareh and Engineer Mr. Charbel ghaziri at the Hall of Saint daniel

My photo page is a perfect place to display photos of family, vacations, products, games, people, and more. On some photo pages, I have the option to add a title or brief description of each photo in the caption beneath it.

In the photograph representatives of theagricultural cooperative Mar Saman Hadeth-El-Joubbeh from the right Vice president Mr. GeorgeAntoun Chedrawy, next president Engineer LotfKaram Karam, and representatives Of FoundationMinister George frem Engineer Charbel Ghazirehand Engineer Windala Kareh the highest peaks in the event of Jebbeh, during a visit to the areas.

Representatives of institutions in the agricultural cooperative in the Foundation of George Frem Miss Kareh and Mr. Ghaziri - when the first agricultural arrival at the entrance to the region's agricultural promoter in Hadeth-El-Joubbeh.

In the photograph from the right secretary of the agricultural cooperative Mar Samaan Mr. Tony Daniel Elia, explains some of the information on the objectives of the establishment of the Assembly and the proximity Haseeb Girgis Harb explanations to officials of the institution Minister George Frem agricultural During the meeting

In the picture side of the attendance at the Hall, Mayor Daniel Elias Diab, Mr. George Hanna safety and Vice President Mr. George Antoun Chadrawi, President Mar Samaan cooperative agricultural engineer, Lotf Karam Karam and Mr. George Antoun Chadrawi adviser and member of the Board of Directors Cooperative Mr. Mikhail Rozkallah Diab and views from the north member oversight body, Mr. Fahd Suleiman Chadrawi and member of the first Supervising committee, Mr. Samir Wadih Chadrawi.

In this photo, left Mr. Tony Roumanos Salameh adviser Governing Council member and financial decision, next is the Mayor Daniel Elias Diab, behind is Mr. Jean Daniel Elia, financial committee consultant, listening to the explanation of Engineer Charbel Ghaziri about the benefit of agriculture.

In this photo board of Directors consultant member Mr. Mikhael Rizkalla Diab in agriculture questioning with Engineer Miss Windala Kareh.

In this Photo from right Engineer Lotf Karam Karam, next Mr. Antoun Girgis Chedrawy, next mr. Mikhael Rizkalla Diab

Another view for the participants to the meeting

In this photo from right Engineer Charbel Ghaziri, next president Engineer Lotf Karam Karam, next Engineer Miss Windala Jareh, during a visit to the gardens area of the Mrouj

Mr. Charbel Habib Salameh a new anthousiast farmer who will be the next group to agriculture his land in hadeth

The Mayor of Hadeth-El-Joubbeh Mr. Daniel Elias Diab

Mr. Jean Daniel Elia from the new anthousiast gneration farmers in Hadeth-El-Joubbeh and the bigeners in agriculturing their lands

Mr. George Hanna Salameh also from the important farmers beginers in agriculturing their lands in Hadeth-El-Joubbeh

Above is Mr. Mikhael Rizkalla Diab ------- and below is Mr. Samir Wadih Al- Ghazal Chedrawy

From right one of the oldest farmers in hadeth Mr. Antoun Jirjis Zeitoun Chedrawy

Above is Mr. George Al-Biti and below is Mr. Haseeb Girgis Harb, another 2 members in the Hadeth- Fouar agriculture cooperative Union members

Above photo is Mr. Tony Jamil Mourad and below is Mr. Daniel Adib Kartabani- two members in The New Hadeth cooperative agriculture Union of Saint Simon

At left Mr. Fahim Antonios Harb Elias -------- and at right Mr. Fahed Slayman Al-Ghazal Chedrawy