A very special page for the agriculture areas which are followed and owned by members of the cooperative Union

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Hazihi al- safaha hiya li manitik wa souar iddat li tatawwour al-zaraa fi Hadeth-El-Joubbeh

Inside this page, you can realise dear visitor, how progressive were the new and old farmers from the hadeth village who participated to the Agriculture cooperative Union, and accept to participate in giving back the life to the soul of the village, the lands of grandfathers.


Fi dakhil hazihi al-safha, azizana al- zaiir, touchahid al- adid min al-mouzariin al-koudama wa al- joudoud, fi mada ihtimamihim fi iaadat al- hayat ila tourbat al- baldat, ardou al- ajdad wa al- abaa.

Above photo we can see the two oldest farmers from hadet-El-Joubbeh who visited respectivaly the cultivated and planted gardens of the Cooperative Union, are transported by mr. Tony Abbas Rizk, the first from the right, next Mr. Abbas Antonios Rizk the 85 years dynamic person, Next mr. Haseeb Wirdan Sfeir the 88 years enthousiast farmer-------- Fi Al-Soura Aaalah Nara min Al-Yamin Al-sayyid tony Abbas Rizk yankoulou Yawmiyyan baadahou Al-Sayyid Abbas Antonios Rizk, al- Mouzarii al-Dynamiki ibin 85 sana, wa baadahou Al-Sayyid Haseeb Wirdan Sfeir Ibin 88 sana, li yatafakkadou al-jnaynat al- tabia li Mouzarii al-hadas

Hawaiian Sunset

Above from right the president of the Cooperative union Eng. lotf karam with mr. Tony Abbas Rizk working on the building of water new discovered pipes installation, to ren-force the needs of water for farmers---- fi al- soura aalah, min al-yamin rais al- taawouniyyeh al-mouhandis Lotf karam wa al- sayyid Tony Abbas Rizk yaamaloun ala mad nbarich jadida li taamin takwiyat al-taghziya bi al-miyah li daam hajat al-mouzariin

Above photo President Eng. Lotf Karam, and Tony Abbas Rizk while a photo taking by vice president Mr. George Antoun Chedrawy, searching for the lost fountains inside Saint Simon mountain at the Mrouj area------------- Fima Nayib Al-Rayyis Al-Saayid George Antoun Chedrawy yaakhouz al- soura, al-rayyis Mouhandis Lotf Karam wa Al-Sayyid Tony Abbas Rizk youfattichoun ala al-yanabii al- mafkouda fi jabal mar-Simaan bi mintakat al-mrouj

Water cement tank reserve constructed by the Cooperative Union which will join inside all the other 6 water lost fountains discovered, to help and support the farmers needs.-------------- Fi al-soura aalah, regar jamaa al-miyah allazi banathou al- Taawouniyyeh al-Ziraiyyeh fi al- hadas li jamaa miyah 6 yanabii kanat mafkoudat, wa hiya al- yaom tousahim fi daam hajat mouzarii al-hadas.

Above is one of the diner party held by the Farmers of the Union in Honor of certain relatives from South Africa, who visited the agriculture area and felicitayed the Union for its achievement------ Fi al-soura aalah, baad al-mouzariin youkarrimoun baad min chabab al-hadad min janoub Afriiya allazina zarou al-manatii al-ziraiyya wa hannaou al-taaouniyyeh li-injazatiha al-kabira fi daam al-ziraa

Above photo Vice president of the Union Mr. George Antoun Chedrawy helping the president Eng. Lotf Karam and Mr. Tony Abbas Rizk in joining all the lost discovered 6 fountains of water to support the needs of the farmers. while you can see dear visitor the capacity of the chirbayta fountain water which was among the 6 lost previously------------------ fi al-soura aalah nayib rais al-taawouniyyeh al-sayyid George Antoun Chedrawy youchir ila kasafat nibi chirbayta ahad sittat yanabii kanat moukhtafiyat wa tamma iktichafouha mouaakhkharan, tousahim fi daam hajat al-mouzariin min al-miyah

All you can see inside this page or the next pages, are different pictures taking for areas, places, gardens, belong to agriculture laborers members of the hadeth-El-Joubbeh cooperative Union------ Ma narahou fi hazihi al-safha aw fi al-safahat al-taliat, souar an al-manatik wa al-jnaynat al-ziraiyyeh al-tabia li aadaa al-taaouniyyeh al-ziraiyyeh fi hadas-el-joubbeh

Above the second lost fountain discovered by the cooperative Union at the Mrouj area of St. Simon------------------- Fi al-soura aalah, al- nabaa al-sani al-mafkoud allazi tamma iktichafihi min kibal al-taaouniyyeh al-ziraiyyeh fi al-hadas fi mintakat al- mrouj- mar Simaan

Sample Photo 10

Above is the president Eng. lotf Karam standing on the third lost fountain discovered by the cooperative Union at the Mrouj area of St. Simon------------------- Fi al-soura aalah, al-rayyis Mouhandis lotf karam yakifou al al- nabaa al-salis al-mafkoud allazi tamma iktichafihi min kibal al-taaouniyyeh al-ziraiyyeh fi al-hadas fi mintakat al- mrouj- mar Simaan

Sample Photo 12